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Thursday, March 24, 2011

6 Simple Ways To Claim Hospital Benefit (for Takaful Mesra, Sarjana, Prima, Warisan & Medic Save

1. You need to be admitted at least one (1) day or receiving treatment at the treatment room for six (6) hours.

2. Once you out of the ward, get 'discharge note' that contains the date in and out of hospital, and diagnosis of disease you are experiencing. Only the 'discharge note' is needed to claim admission to the ward less than a week.

3. If you are admitted to the hospital for over a week, the 'medical report' to be submitted for review of the Etiqa Takaful. Application for a 'medical report' may be made to the hospital on payment of RM 40.00 and can usually be received within four (4) weeks.

4. Fill in the form of claims that can be taken from the nearest Etiqa branch or through your representative. Include a copy of 'discharge note' or 'medical report', copies of three (3) pieces of the front page of the policy and claim form has been filled (in Etiqa Takaful, which required only a copy, no need for the original policy).

5. Send to a branch near you. Cheque payments will be accepted through the mail to your current address in less than a month.

6. For any problems or queries about the status of claims, please call our customer service line at 1-300-13-8888 (Etiqa Oneline Contact Centre).

by Nur Amin Abdullah

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