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New Takaful Agent - How to start your business?

1. You need to pass in your TBE examination and must be registered with the Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA). Then you will be given an agent code by the company you represent.

2. Start to learn a basic knowledge about your responsibility as an agent. You will need to have a complete knowledge about the product you will sell. As a Takaful agent, you should know how to handle the prospect rejection and the way to answer the questions that the prospect will ask. To make used of this, find any senior agents or your leader and try to have them sharing their experience with you.

3. Start your prospecting now. List down at least 100 prospects that you know. You may find them in your hand phone, school magazines, in the neighborhood and your family as well.

4. Instead of finding a new prospect, you will have to deal with people who comes to you personally. Try to build a new relationship, knowing them basically and try to be a good listener.

5. When you have the prospect lists, find them quickly! Why? Because the time is money. You will lose money in every second you late. Do ask the prospect to get a basic information about them. Then you will know their needs and financial capability. 

6. Recommend the Takaful plan that suit the prospect needs. Examine whether the prospect understand and have them ask about the plan. Opportunity will raise when the prospect ask. Answer them confidently.

7. At the end of answering the question, ask them back whether they agree with such plan that you recommend. Once they agree, request the identity card, get the prospect details including the phone and account number. Don't forget to ask them the method of payment they want to use of and also try to collect the first payment by cash. So that you will get your commission early as their protection will start immediately. At the time you do the sales, you must also think about your commission that will be your expenses to get another clients.

8. Expedite the closing. Have them sign the form and collect supplementary document. Make it simple and smooth.

9. Now they becomes your client. Don't leave the place quickly after closing the prospect. They will see your manner and attitude there. Show a good manner as an agent and friend, who will give them a good service when they really needs you. You may talk about anything before you leave. 

10. Leave the place with smile. The clients will remember your smile when they call you to invite for their open house party next year!

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